Welcome, to the web site you may end up building for me and here's how you can help. I usually have a lot of interesting ideas but often no strength at all to see them through. So, I share them with others. I have found it useful, especially during the years when I was sick and living a nomadic life. During that period I was publishing Mathematical papers in good journals so regularly that a lot of people did not even notice my absence from the academe. Thanks to my collaborators, the angels of mercy, who, put in a lot of work to see what I was trying to do, added their ideas and made the work sufficiently presentable. May God bless them all. Now what do I want? More than want, I "need" your help in the following areas:
  • If you are interested in Commutative Algebra click on Multiplicative Ideal Theory
  • If you have suggestions about improving this web page just fire away. Send me a message. I depend on you to make my web page useful.



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