Some of My "Non-Mathematical" Writings



Good Guys Bad Guys


Walls and Peace (The Economist, published a special report on Religion in November 2007. I believe the authors of the articles could have benefited from reading this little article, which I wrote circa 2004 and put on my web page. Muhammad)

Misconceptions about Islam and Muslims



The Traders of Discord

Is Islam a Cruel Religion?

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous 2007 to You

Letter to President Bush

A synagogue and an odd memory


Down the memory lane. A tiny piece of the history of Pakistan (Urdu) 

Aas ka deep (Urdu). A sort of poem.    

(Both of the above Urdu pieces were written in 1996 after I had a kidney transplant.)

Pakistan ka Matlab kiya la ilaha IllaLLah  (Urdu) A recipe for Pakistan that you can globalize.  پاکستان کا مطلب کیا، لا الہ الااللہ

Lee Marvin, Captain Kangaroo and Mirza Ghalib

Suicide Bombings in Pakistan and the Mullahs



Denmark the Cartoon Plaza

The Word of God and the poetry of Meir Ben Isaac Nehorai

Attacks on Islam --- a story of misquotes and misinformation

The India terrorist crisis

When I got a “Dear NULL” e-mail

Some Causes of Deterioration in Education

Sajna (a Punjabi four-liner (quartet?))

Tauheen-e-Risalat ki Saza Maut? (Death penalty for blasphemy?) An Urdu article that shows that, with a little twist, the Mullahs can accuse anyone of blaspheming against Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and that Prophet Muhammad never punished anyone for being rude, an apostate, or a hypocrite.

Yeh Kalima mitanay walay (The ones that erase shahadah). An Urdu article in which I try to point out that Muslim Ulema declaring other sects non-Muslims may be trying to impose their will on the will of Prophet Muhammad and thus may be incurring the wrath of God Almighty.)

Dr. Israr Ahmad ki khidmat mein (To Dr. Israr Ahmad, a response to some of his allegations about Ahmadiyyat)

Numbers large and small; uses and misuses

An August 14th message for Pakistanis

Koi Jhangwi Sahib se poochey  (Urdu article: کوی جھنگوی صاحب سے پوچھے) I question the fellow for calling other sects non-Muslim.

Exploits of a geriatric in China

Down the memory lane 2 (گاہے گاہے باز خواں آں قصہٴ پارینہ را﴿ A story that tells, in part, who I am. It is in Urdu.

Afghans and Beni Israel ( افغان اور بنی اسرایل  )  My view of how the Afghans are from the lost tribes of Beni Israel. This a rebuttal of a rather misleading Urdu article on the topic

Punishment for those who prohibit worship of Allah

So Who’s the Terrorist?

Noah’s Ark

A comment on Zia Shah’s long-winded invitation to Pope Benedict XVI

An Anti-Islam Poster without Substance

What was Dr. Zia Shah up to?

A Case for keeping Arabic text with the translation of Holy Quran

Charon oor mera danka baja

College Days

TokriaN (ٹو کریاں )

Internet the big bad ocean

Purana Pakistan (Urdu)

Kook Farida Kook (URDU)

On dealing with the Mullah

Restricting the reading of the Quran? (Urdu)

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