I have published a number of papers in Mathematical Journals of repute and I continue to be actively involved in research on

Ring Theory being my main area of interest I briefly describe what kind of work I have been doing in it. In Ring Theory, I study:
  1. Integral domains whose non-zero elements have some form of unique factorization
  2. Integral domains whose non-zero non-units are expressible as products of irreducible elements to see how far they are from being UFD's (Unique Factorization Domains)
  3. Generalizations of UFD's and Krull domains. Of these the most well-known are the weakly Krull and the weakly factorial domains. To see the impact of some of my work you may want to look up, " Ideal Systems, an introduction to Multiplicative Ideal Theory", by Franz Halter-Koch ISBN: 0-8247-0186-0.
  4. Subrings of polynomial rings over fields ( rings of the form A + XB[X] where AÍ B are subrings of a field K, X an indeterminate over K) to serve as examples.
  5. The notion of the divisor class group is restricted to domains that are completely integrally closed and it is mostly used in the context of Krull domains, I suggested the notion of a class group that is defined for any integral domain and that reduces to the divisor class group for Krull domains.
  6. A study of star operations.
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