Math 360 (Differential Equations) Notes

Hi, I intend to put on this page whatever I produce by way of notes. For a start I have some notes that I hope will help you get started with Maple. (The idea is that you learn first by copying and then as you have some practice, innovate.)

  1. Plotting the Direction Field of a Simple DE
  2. Using Maple to Solve Simple DE's and Initial Value Problems 
  3. Plotting Graphs of Solutions with Initial Values, and using Maple to Integrate 
  4. Numerical solutions: Explanations in Word file, to see how I plotted the graphs see the Maple file, for an efficient method see Excel File
  5. Practice Test 1 Click here for solutions
  6. Method of undetermined coefficients (some examples)
  7. Autonomous differential equations and phase portrait.
  8. Forced Spring-mass system with damping 
  9. Math 360 Test 2
  10. Power series solutions
  11. Some useful commands (Laplace etc.)
  12. MATH 360 T03
  13. Some solved examples on Laplace transforms (typed by Tyson)


Maple 7 File (Not Updated)
PDF File

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